PLS Group, Inc. utilizes all of our surveying and mapping knowledge along with our modern technology resources to provide the most complete ready-to-use product for our clients, colleagues and associates.  PLS uses cutting edge surveying equipment and technology to provide the highest quality professional surveying, mapping and solutions for your land management or development project.  Our professional surveying, mapping and solutions capabilities include but are not limited to the services listed and described on this page.



Boundary Surveys are typically used to determine the location of pre-existing property lines. These boundary lines have been pre-determined and are publicly documented. In some cases, however, a boundary survey is used to establish new boundary lines for the creation of original surveys. The initial step in a boundary survey involves researching and obtaining all the appropriate property records. PLS Group, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to easily and legally obtain all necessary documents for our clients’ projects.


Lenders (banks, title companies, or other lending agencies) often require a mortgage survey to be completed before a loan is closed and distributed. This helps provide the lender assurance that the loan amount is market appropriate for the size/type of property under contract.


ALTA (American Land Title Association) Surveys can be more complex and utilize multiple surveying types and techniques for the final product. These type surveys are typically needed for commercial property projects and often utilized to obtain a land title and/or insurance. ALTA Surveys clearly map property boundaries, easements, existing and ongoing structures, land elevations, etc. and provide the ability to monitor any improvements being made to a property or project.


Topography describes both the natural and man-made features of a land area, which may include trees, changes in elevation, bodies of water, buildings and more. Prior to the development of a property, city or county agencies often require an updated topographic survey/map prior to distributing a permit for the project. By identifying and mapping the land topography prior to a project, proper planning can take place and costly mistakes can be avoided during development.


Prior to the initiation of a construction project, it is important to properly locate all “markers” or reference points of pre-existing structures within a to-be-developed land area, such as roadways, existing buildings, etc. By clearly identifying the pre-existing structures and new construction boundaries, project planning and execution are made more efficient by helping to eliminate the need for project “re-work” due to project size and placement errors.


A Right of Way Survey is a boundary survey depicting the limits of private ownership and that of the entity/agency that has the interest or jurisdiction of a given property. Depending on the location of a piece of property, the entity/agency may be the State, County, or City government. By researching and mapping these boundaries prior to a project, it helps ensure that development occurs within the appropriate land boundaries and therefore prevent potential disputes regarding these boundaries.


It is important that appropriate insurance coverage is purchased for land development projects as well as for existing property owners, based upon the specific weather concerns and/or risks for a particular land area or parcel. Elevation or Flood Certificates are required by insurance agencies to determine which type of coverage is appropriate.


As-Built Surveys illustrate the location of all existing structures or features on a parcel of land. They include property lines, setbacks, zoning lines, easements, structures, etc. As-built surveys can also record variations from original engineering plans to what was actually built. As-built surveys are required by many agencies to prove the location of a structure at a point in time. Many agencies need the as-built surveys for the actual locations of underground improvements. These are especially important for maintenance and future development of the site.


GPS Control Surveys use highly accurate Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to establish survey data with precise relative three-dimensional positioning. GPS is utilized for project support activities such as mapping, large boundary surveys, GIS projects, and construction projects in order to establish permanent controls with a high degree of accuracy.


A Subdivision Plat is a mapping document drawn to scale showing the sub-division of a larger parcel of land. Refinement is often needed to properly map and either establish or locate the property lines of the sub-divided/individual lots, usually in preparation to sell the individual lots.


Route Surveys are required for design and construction engineering in the development of roadways, pipelines, canals or railroads. Route Surveys are utilized by project engineers to design the best and most cost-effective route to follow for a given project.


Aerial Images are photographs of the ground/land from an elevated position (usually from an aircraft or drone) for the purpose of mapping or geospatial analysis. PLS Group, Inc. offers this service through our associate firms for certain projects, where it is a feasible/appropriate option in lieu of a ground survey.


The above list represents our most utilized and core services. However, PLS has long standing professional relationships with excellent companies, including engineering firms, that allow us to provide our clients with seamless land survey and mapping project management. Give us a call today, and let us help you manage your next land project!

Give us a call today, and let us help you manage your next land project!

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